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Birchmont’s Got Talent!

Written by Laura Pierce - Owner/Director, Camp Birchmont

Summer Camp Talent Show

Saturday Night Birchmont campers proved “All the World’s A Stage” as campers performed in 25 acts ranging from magic card tricks to vocal solos with just about everything in between. The Amazing Nandoor of our support staff kicked off our Variety Show with the most sophisticated Yo Yo act ever to grace the shores of Lake Wentworth. We did not even know Nandoor was a European Yo Yo Champion when we hired him!

Explorer Girl Rene M. followed with an original song “Do you want to go to Notches” which really could have been presented on a Broadway Stage. No real surprise as Renee won the Bunk 1 sponsored Camp Idol contest with hundreds of entries from sleep-away camps all over New England. Hilda B. performed a lovely classical dance piece as a back-drop to Renee’s performance. Speaking of backdrop, Lu and Katie painted an eye-popping Picasso-esque gallery of portraits and colors setting the evening’s tone for bold creativity and fun.

Jamie M. accompanied herself beautifully on guitar to the popular song “Home” and Isabelle O. and Sydney F. did a terrific dance number to “Latch”. Staffer Steve F. and camper Eli G. delivered a high energy performance of the rap song “Can’t Stop”.

One of the nicest surprises of the evening was a captivating  performance by camper Mark E. assisted by his Counselor, Group Leader Tohmas B. Mark’s card tricks were really amazing to see, and delivered real entertainment value; Marc brought a kind of a “Vegas comes to Wolfeboro feeling” as the camp wide audience participated in the fun.

Summer Camp Talent Show

The Break Dance performed by brother/sister act Raquel and Daniel G. was one of the tightest most exciting dance routines in the show. A break-dancing extravaganza to the tune “Make Your Marks”, this number brought the house down!

One of the other most memorable acts of the night, due mostly to the sheer adorable factor of the performers was the Pioneer group of girls singing a song they wrote called “We’re So Campy” to the tune of the chart-topping song “Were So Fancy”. Dressed in their blue Camp Birchmont sweatshirts our youngest girls did a great job with both song and choreography looking totally ready for prime-time.

Renatta G., Annika P., Skylar B., Sophie C., Sascha E., Brianna P., Antalya L., Jamie M., Aliza L., Jessie R., Sophia T. and Nicole N. all showed us their dance moves which were both exciting and well executed. The level of dance technique showed a lot of training which must have taken place throughout the year, this made for a lucky and appreciative camp audience. Two of the highlight routines were performed by Elena L. and Alejandra M., both hailing from Spain they met this summer and realized they love to dance. The girls performed to the song “Señorita” and their movements were uniquely refreshing, a perfect blend of cross cultural choreography.

Davis L.’s break dance entitled “Davis Dance” was also a show-stopping favorite, as the Pioneer boys cheered loudly for their energetic and coordinated friend hailing from Miami, Florida. There were several stand out instrumental and vocal numbers in the show. Sam G. playing the piano solo “Don’t Stop Believing” became a show highlight as the whole camp joined in to deliver this rock tune which, thanks to counselor Peter B.’s Dining Hall rendition, has become this summer’s camp anthem. The Cup Song was well delivered by Danielle K. and Maya B. Renee M. sounding a bit like Adele sang “Stay With Me” with great pitch and emotion. Natasha R. also had a powerhouse solo with the John Legend’s top single “All Of Me”. Natasha brought the camp to their feet, and although she almost didn’t perform due to nerves, you could not tell one bit from her poise and perfection on stage. Genieve F. deserves a shout out as one of our youngest girls who sang one of the cutest solos. A unique song, “Rhode Island Was Famous For You” was a throw back theatrical song which covered all the states with clever lyrics, required a great memory and sense of timing. She only faltered once which generated immediate support from her fellow Pioneer girls and when she found her place, nothing could stop her. It was a quintessential camp show moment of spirit and love. Eli G. was wonderful on guitar singing Lucky Strike, and Samantha B. sung “Not About Angels” in a sweet voice which finished strong.

Counselors Andrew C., Thomas B. along with some JC’s, Adam G., Jeremy K., Jacob L., danced with their campers to a hilarious parody of “The Devil In Plain Sight.” Nick I., Marcus K., Jack P., Daniel G. and Bruno R. gave a high energy hip hop performance which had everybody smiling.

As is tradition, the Super Senior Girls ended the show with a campy finale. Special thanks to Performing Arts Director, Steve V., piano accompanist, Sarah A., the Emcees, Sound by Jake G., Set design by Katie B. and Lu G.

Spirits Soar on Birchmont’s Spirit Day!

Written by Laura Pierce - Owner/Director, Camp Birchmont

Spirit Day 2014

If ever a day at camp were aptly named, Spirit Day would be it; the energy level was off the charts as all of Camp Birchmont’s girls and boys engaged in a full out, all day competition at both Camp Birchmont and Kenwood/Evergreen. This year our boys traveled and our girls stayed home, each to defend our last year’s title. We competed in every sport at every age with each camper playing in a minimum of 2 events. Games included soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, dodgeball, kickball and Gaga, a type of team Israeli handball played in a round court. For Birchmont, the taste of Victory was sweet, but what was even sweeter was the way the girls from both camps were fierce as could be during their athletic contests and friendly as could be when games were over. After a lunch of chicken patties, salad and Helen’s signature magic bars for lunch, Birchmont campers welcomed Evergreen girls into their cabins at rest hour and chatted, learned cheers and relaxed till play resumed.

Spirit Day

Meanwhile at Kenwood, the Birchmont boys got their popular counselor Peter Brimstone to respond to the sound of thunderous table clapping to the chant “Sing a Song Peter, Sing a song”. Pete did indeed oblige and serenaded the Dining room of 400 boys to his rendition of  Journey’s  “Don’t Stop Believing”.  We will consider the standing ovation his 15 min of fame.

Spirit Day

The girls camp competition day was finished with both camps participating in the host team’s  chosen camp wide event. Last year our competitors selected a bucket brigade which was an activity they dominated, but the tide was turned when this year Birchmont girls clearly won the Water Mellon Eat with juice dribbling down every chin and rinds flying into baskets. The day was finished with a well earned dip in the lake before dinner for the girls, and after dinner for the boys arriving off the busses.

Spirit Day Girl


Listed below are the standings of Spirit Day, seemingly so important at game time, but not nearly as important as the day’s take-away which was competition in the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship and great heart.

Boys (Away@ Kenwood)
Birchmont Won 20 events
Lost 7, Tied 1

Girls (Home @ Birchmont)
Birchmont Won 17
Lost 10, Tied 1


This marks Birchmont’s 8th consecutive Spirit Day Victory overall. Thanks to all the campers and staff for the playing, coaching, cheering, driving, and a special shout out to Greg Howes who coordinated and planned the day with great enthusiasm and follow through.

Spirit Day Soccer

Week 2 Tennis

Trips, Tennis, Pirate Hunts, Clubs and Campouts…Week 2 and Lots To Do!

Written by Laura Pierce - Owner/Director, Camp Birchmont

Sleepaway camp is round the clock fun, so it’s no surprise that our evening activities have taken off with all groups involved in a variety of activities. The Explorer Boys had a terrific camp out overnight under the stars in the Orchard overlook with campfire and 4 man domed tents. Fireside cooking went well. Our Club program has begun during our evening activity and campers can choose between a wide variety of offerings. We have added some new clubs to our traditional ones like cooking, fishing, gardening, Indian village, rocketry beginning and advanced waterskiing etc. Popular staffer, Steve Payne has introduced the Circus club, and his assistant Nador is an actual bona fide European Yo Yo champion. Nador delighted the entire staff in our counselor talent show during orientation, and soon the campers will get to see his talents on display in our coming Variety Show. For now he is an awesome teacher of some fun, easy Yo Yo tricks. Speaking of Yo Yo’s, this was one of the treasures I got to give out to our Pioneer pirates last night.

Week 2 Highlights

At about 8:30 on a perfect evening, the night air was filled with swashbuckling sounds of little pirates running around camp in a scavenger hunt for treasure. The kids came with patches over their eyes and skull and crossbone bandanas to all the supervisor cabins. The separate groups were competing Amazing Race style and the game was on !! The Supes (as our older staff is known) were ready, with clues to the next destination, dressed more extravagantly than the kids with our cabin porches fully decorated and lit with candles. I’m embarrassed to report I scared one little boy who had to ask, “Laura, is that you”? As I wielded my sword and yelled a hearty “Hardy Har Maties”! Treats and trinkets were the reward for a pirate hunt well run. Thinking everyone slept very well after covering so much ground with so much excitement.

Our upper camp was on grounds yesterday, as our younger camp travelled. We hosted our Annual Boys Birchmont Tennis Invitational with 5 sleep-away camps traveling to our courts for an afternoon of really excellent match play. Our 13’s took first place with several medals awarded at a brief ceremony, and our 15’s put forth a valiant effort but had many less victories placing 3rd. The level of play was impressive, as was the display of sportsmanship all around.

Week 2 Highlights

Our younger camp were off on their first trips of the summer. The destinations of Watercountry and Mt Washington Ferry Boat Ride with stops of Funspot and ice cream were a nice start to a trip program which just gets bigger and better as the summer goes on. Geronimo was the killer slide ride at Watercountry which some campers proclaimed the best water slide ever, and the scenery on the famed Mount Washington Ferry towards an old-fashioned arcade and ice cream Sundae stop was a safe, relaxing day on the lake for our youngest campers.

Week 2 Highlights

2nd week of camp and it’s going, going, almost gone…Time flies…Here to catch it like lightening in a bottle! 🙂


Horseback riding

Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride at Camp

Written by Laura Pierce - Owner/Director, Camp Birchmont

Starting the day right, Martine takes some riders around camp before we all wake up on Sundays. Later revelllie makes for a perfect window for a peaceful ride as our camp wakes up and we all meet for a delicious breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon and banana bread. What were you doing at 8:15 this morning?? Don’t tell us, we know (zzz). Looking forward to a great 4th of July celebration tonight!

Enjoy your Sunday from PCB, you know we will.


Tubing on lake

Pioneers Tubing at Sunset

Written by Laura Pierce - Owner/Director, Camp Birchmont

Sunny, hot, hazy days are certainly not lazy days at Birchmont!

The past two evenings our Pioneer girls and boys enjoyed a surprise night of tubing on the lake and s’mores at the beach at the Lookout.


The campfires and spirits were high after Greg Pierce and Waterfront Director Bobby Attonito drove the Barge and Mastercraft round the lake giving kids a great time flying around in the water with their friends. As the sun set behind the mountains and a crescent of a moon came up in the sky, we docked the boats as campers looked for that perfect stick for marshmallow roasting. S’mores is a simple recipe that just can not be messed up, one of the reasons we love them so, but the other reason is that melting, oozing, chocolate, toasty marshmallow combo. Who could resist ’em?

Tubing and Smores

Last night we had a tremendous storm come through camp right before dinner, pretty well timed for Mother Nature as we got the whole activity day in. Some huge claps of thunder and a little lightening made for some excitement in the cabins, but did not even make us late for dinner as the campers watched films and made Rainbow Loops by groups for evening activity. We did lose our phone system for a while and did have to cancel cookie patrol, but these were just temporary set-backs because the storm cleared by morning giving us another nice summer day. Happy 4th of July to all…we will be enjoying barbeque, races, ice cream sundaes and fireworks for our upper camp, and of course, lots of red, white and blue camp-wide.