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Hip Hip Hooray Opening Day!

Written by Laura Pierce - Owner/Director, Camp Birchmont

Welcome Summer 2014

What a beautiful day for camp arrival! All of our busses, planes, train and automobiles have delivered our campers safely to Birchmont. Whether children are returning or first time campers, ¬†everyone looks ready to settle in, meet their cabin mates and begin their summer adventure at Birchmont! Our counselors now know the reason for their week long training in meetings, and orientation scenarios…the campers are here and summer has officially begun! We fill the fields with games and take in the gorgeous weather, and get down to unpacking in the bunks which will become new summer homes. It’s just after dinner (a variety of homemade pizzas; the traditional, opening meal). Greg and I are about to get around to each cabin to introduce ourselves to the kids. Its always amazing how fast a bunk can look lived in. Greg will get around boys camp and I’m about to pop in and visit with the girls.

We are so psyched to start our 63rd season with your children. We welcome them, we celebrate them…We’re going to have a great time.

Welcome Summer 2014